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Pro Delphinus-Lima

Pro Delphinus-Lima

Founded in 1995, Pro Delphinus is a not-for-profit Peruvian organization based in Lima.

Pro Delphinus is committed to the conservation of threatened and endangered marine fauna. Beginning in 1995, Pro Delphinus, together with organizations such as the Peruvian Centre for Cetacean Research CEPEC, participated actively in a campaign to legally ban the dolphin take and consumption in Peru.

Currently Pro Delphinus conducts projects on research and conservation of threatened and endangered marine species, such as marine turtles, marine otters, cetaceans, seabirds and sharks. These species are either permanent residents to Peruvian waters or just temporary visitors as they continue along their migration routes. Studies of the interactions between these species and Peruvian fisheries form a major component of Pro Delphinus’ current research.