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Te mana o te moana non profit foundation

Te mana o te moana non profit foundation

The foundation has organized many events in order to celebrate June 8th the World Ocean day, Sea's days, The International year of Biodiversity and the Centenary of Captain Cousteau's..... For this year, all actions took place on a beach, a special place choosen to make the link : between land and sea... a way to make children understand the relationship between all animals. Citizen Ocean passport were distributed; All clidren have realized a special drawing made with recycle rubbishes, natural materials to explain their wishes to save the oceans!!! At the end of their work, they have all weared a local red cap explaining that they will do as the Captain "protect their biodiversity" for them and their next generations. At least, more than 500 children of the island of Moorea were sensibilized about environment protection issues. A special clean up was also made and school children have visited an underwater trail to a better knowledge of their nature......