If you care for the Oceans,

If you care about the future,

wear a red cap on June 11.





Country: India

City: Pattukkottai


Hello, I am Dr.V.Balaji, Director of OMCAR Foundation, India. I came to know about the 100th birthday of Jaques Cousteau through Light House Foundation website. I am deeply interested to join in this Red Cap campaign. We started our mangrove restoration project almost no funds, but after getting the moral and financial support from Light House Foundation, Germany through Deepwave, we carry out mangrove insitu restoration and produced about 55,000 seedlings of locally adaptable mangrove species since the starting of this project. We organize coastal ecosystem presentations, fisher women self help group development programmes, alternative livelihood arrangement programmes, coastal cleaning programme, tree nursery programme, evening education centres, sea grass technical training, coastal environmental survey and research programmes.